Dear Readers,

After 80 blog posts here on, I am venturing into a new creative outlet, the vlog. Not that I will be abandoning the written word. But writing in isolation, my voice was getting a bit rusty.
My channel is called MonoLogTheVlog – never mind the capitals – and I keep on doing what I like best, share my thoughts on a diverse range of topics. This is my weakness. For I might just belong to that dying breed, that cursed and doomed species, aka the generalist.



The generalist? That Jack of all trades/master of none? That dilettante, the exact opposite of the specialist?

Everywhere people will tell you to find your niche market. Find your audience, your clientele. Stick to your guns. But what about variety? What about cross referencing? What about connecting dots? What happens when lines and borders are ill-defined, when a chain is missing a link?
Technological advances have increased the need for specialists. Look at IT, new surgery procedures or manufacturing developments. But we are running the risk of becoming hyper-specialized.

The podiatrist referring his patient to the left-pinky-toe doctor. 

Going deeper and deeper tends to narrow our view, just as going wider and wider blurs the edges. So what is it we need? The consensus tells us ‘deep generalist, wide specialists, detailists and connoisseurs, responsible people who have the answers to the minutest conundrum’. Followers of commitment and the 10 00 hour rule that presupposes a life-long single-minded objective. Yet commitment is a pledge and 10 000 hours are but a fraction of a life. I think there is more. I think we are more. We, the people who cannot stop themselves, being in awe of life. People who stop and contemplate the world and its often incoherent mess, who are inspired by a word, a smile, a gesture, who see beyond a detail, beyond a particle, who crawl out of cubbyholes and truisms, who open windows and let in the breeze. Generalists.

Back to the vlog. My vlog. MonoLogTheVlog. And as they say in the business, share, like, subscribe!