Most of us use technology on a daily basis. We text, mail, fb, and google. Boys and girls, men and women have their own favourite favourites, be it in fashion, make up, bikes, sport, leisure or celebrity gossip.

Online recipes have replaced many a cookbook, interactive sites have taken the tedium out of science and besides music videos and do it yourself tutorials YouTube indeed offers a wide range of lectures and ‘content’.

Infobesitas, cyberbesitas, connectivitis, call it what you will. Technology is a wonderful thing. It has lightened my suitcase, emptied my bookcase and has turned my photo albums into rare examples of visual art. I have a music collection my forefathers would die for. I have apps that tell me where I am, where you are, and how long it would take us to meet, by plane, car, foot or swimming. Other apps tell me what I am listening to, what others are listening to. And if I wear my very very strong glasses, I can watch any movie any time of day on my ever-shrinking mobile device. I have contacted people I used to know, and perhaps liked in a distant past – they are now listed as ‘Friends’ – and have stalked those I used to know but did not like.

We are all alike.

And yet it seems that guys, mark my particular use of words, still use technology mostly for porn, gaming, dick and shit pics.

The latter make sense, of course. While we (the not-guys) take pictures of meals, aka input, guys take pictures of the inevitable output (see my ‘Pics and Feces’ post of 26 February 2015).

But there is hope.

One should not judge a book by its cover, nor a guy by the pics he posts or the way he uses technology. Still, would it be fair to say that guys can use any help they can get? Especially when it concerns a lady’s pleasure? Let’s, for argument’s sake, answer affirmatively.

Well, the hope I mentioned is there and it comes in the shape of an app. OMGYES. The app costs approximately 28 USD and contains explicit video material as well as touchable video’s helping to master the technique of giving women an orgasm.

I vaguely remember an older version of a similar app, featuring a cartoon vulva, which was somehow off-putting. But this new app …

begs the question.

Is a woman’s pleasure so enigmatic it warrants a tutorial? Is the whole issue of the female orgasm still so bathed in shame and silence only an app can shed the most needed light? And can only the cold touch of a screen pierce through the belt of mystery and chastity surrounding a clitoris and a vagina?

Meanwhile, I’d say buy it, work it, use it, do it. And not just the guys.