Fashion Babes

Haute Couture uses noble fabrics so when Domenico Dolce uttered the word ‘synthetic’, it was a relief to know he spoke about IVF babies and not his creations.


But not all agree and in particular the manufacturers of the synthetic product, read parents, and more in particular Sir Elton John, took offense. Who after all is DD to offend SEJ’s ‘beautiful children’. Ah, Domenico. Better use those ‘judgemental little fingers’ to sew than to wag them at IVF.

Sir Elton John has declared he shall never wear D&G again.

The boycott is on.

After posting the word ‘fascist’ on his Instagram and a weak hashtag effort “boycotteltonjohn”, Stefano Gabbana has, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, explained the situation . Yes, well, if we are judged by the company we keep, sooner or later we will all have to apologize.
What a sad episode. What a waste of resources.
Okay, ‘rented uterus’, ‘semen chosen from a catalog’… not smart. But everybody is entitled to an opinion. And if you give that everybody airtime and a voice, then be prepared for the broadcast.

Even without rhetoric, it has become increasingly difficult and dangerous to voice one’s opinion about matters that are by many still considered ‘novelty social issues’. Gay marriage, gay adoption and parenting, surrogacy, sperm donation, IVF etc. The majority of people are not confronted with these issues on a daily basis. And what we do not know, we question and sometimes fear.

When a mother agrees to carry a donor egg fertilised by her gay son’s sperm, we probably all have to sit back and think. The (gay) son will legally adopt the baby who is his son but also his brother. The mother meanwhile will give birth to a baby, not biologically tied to her, but still her grandson.
For some this raises concerns. Others dismiss the criticism.

Whatever our reaction, our traditional notion of ‘the family’ does no longer uphold. But how far can it be stretched? Will we let medical advances alone decide? And if not, how will we achieve a new social consensus without wagging the ‘judgmental little finger’?

Callousness and boycotts will lead us nowhere. Information, patience and open-mindedness will. And intelligence. And knowing our boundaries. And perhaps a bit of humour.

Viva la Mamma,dg-aw-15_16_3

with a bit of Zoolander


and why not throw in a Rocket Man?